After first year funding of $125,000 to launch ACT, the non-profit expects to be self-funded thereafter through multiple revenue streams:

* Sponsorships of categories

* Advertising on individual segments

* Commissions and fees on funds raised,production and special projects.

* Foundation and corporate contributions

* Direct contributions from the public

All funds contributed to ACT are fully tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor.

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Our Mission

Nonprofit organizations require money and manpower to accomplish their objectives.

ACT will serve the needs of charities by helping them raise money and increase their membership and volunteers by telling their stories and reaching key audiences in educational, entertaining and informative ways.


Anthony J. Tortorici, Founder and CEO

American Charities Today, Inc.

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Canton, GA 30114

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American Charities Today, Inc.


ACT aims to be the best multi-media platform telling the stories of America's most compelling non-profits in order to help them increase awareness of, donations to and volunteers for their respective causes.

We fulfill our mission by helping other nonprofit organizations fulfill theirs

Living Better, Longer

Emotionally compelling, inspiring, educational and entertaining programming in 8 - 10 minute digitally aired segments.
• Categories and core segments will be sponsored by companies or foundations that have been
secured largely by the nonprofit organization being featured.
• Format for each core segment is comprised of a studio or single location set with host and guests plus pre - recorded videos talking about the nonprofit, itsdedicated cause and accomplishments, and its need for funding, members and volunteers.
• In addition to the program host, the nonprofit is encouraged to provide co-hosts, such as
spokesperson celebrities, plus guests who are authorities in their respective fields related to the nonprofit.
• The programming is fast-paced, entertaining, educational, inspirational and totally engaging. 

Helping People Help People!

American Charities Today, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization helping people live better and longer by increasing awareness of… donations to and volunteers for the most compelling of our nation’s 1.8 million charities.

ACT tells their stories one charity at a time. We will post their stories on our website… we will tell their stories in our newsletter…  and we will air their stories on our cable, satellite and Internet television and radio stations. .

And soon we’ll have our own call center and you will be able to sign up to receive our newsletter and frequent updates.

When you find a charity that interests you on our website at, you will sign up to receive more information… make a donation… or register as a volunteer. We’ll send you a ‘thank you’ letter and a receipt for your records… and the charity of your choice will be in touch with you, too.

Our website and satellite radio or Internet television programming will be supported by segment advertisers, category sponsors and transaction and production fees. Until then, direct contributions from folks like you are much appreciated.

Every penny donated to American Charities Today is tax deductible and so is every penny donated to the nonprofits whose stories we are telling. Consult your tax consultant for details.