Helping People Help People!

American Charities Today, Inc.

Local and national programs will be comprised of opening and closing billboards plus individual segments of varying lengths.

Initially, ACT will have one podcast of up to seven minute podcasts at least weekly.  This will grow as rapidly as possible to feature a category a day with at least one featured charity in each category. Podcast subscribers will be able to subscribe to the category or categories of their choice.

It is ACT’s objective eventually to be multi-media, on podcasts, website, newsletter, broadcasting 24/7 via its own cable, internet and satellite radio channels.

typical programming

Anthony J Tortorici

American Charities Today Inc.

105 Copper Trail

Canton GA 30114


Phone: 678-697-3069 c


Opens with billboard, music and announcer:

“The American Charities Today network and XYZ Pharmaceutical Company proudly present ‘Take Control,’ a presentation by The Arthritis Foundation.

Today’s program features John Smith, president of the Arthritis Foundation. I am Bob Moore, your ACT host for the health and medical category of nonprofits on American Charities Today, and Sheeza Star, official celebrity spokesperson for The Arthritis Foundation.”  (Music goes down.)

Smith talks about the upcoming segment and introduces Ms. Star. They talk about the things she is doing for the Foundation and things the Foundation is doing for the world. 

Ms. Star offers free informational materials to the listeners, asks for donations or that they submit their contact information to receive additional information and future news.


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